Kearsarge Energy – Northeast Portfolio

A portfolio of four installations located across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island that incorporate brownfield remediation and capped landfill utilization.
  • November, 2021
  • $23 Million Federal ITCs
  • 19.4
  • 4 Sites
  • Kearsarge Energy
NTCIC Contact:
Karin Berry
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In partnership with Kearsarge Energy, a Boston-based developer with a focus on Community Solar initiatives, NT Solar financed over $23 million in solar tax credit investments for a portfolio of four installations located across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. This is NT Solar’s second investment with Kearsarge Energy and was made possible through NTCIC/NT Solar’s newly established Climate Impact and Revitalization Fund (CIRF).

The installations will include a variety of environmental and innovative aspects, including brownfield remediation, the utilization of land on a capped landfill, and the incorporation of battery storage for energy production. The off-takers include municipalities that will achieve savings on their conventional utility bills that may support a variety of community services. The installations are anticipated to be complete and in operation by the end of 2021 and will generate nearly 19.4 Megawatts (MW) of power.

The 19.4 MW installations will generate an estimated 920 gigawatt-hours (GWh) over the life of the project, which:

  • Creates enough electricity to take nearly 78,000 homes off the grid
  • Is the equivalent of burning over 720 million pounds of coal
  • Sequesters the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere as over 798 thousand acres of forest
  • Offsets the CO2 emissions generated from consuming 73 million gallons of gasoline annually


Kearsarge Energy is a full-service renewable energy project development, finance and holding company, with a mission to build a more sustainable world and to provide superior returns to all project stakeholders, including the communities in which they work. Founded in 2009, Kearsarge has developed and financed more than 60 MW and $180 million of solar PV projects and is rapidly growing its business in select markets across the U.S.