Developer Services

Transaction terms vary greatly by investor, deal size, competitiveness and risk, and the overall supply and demand conditions in the tax credit marketplace. NTCIC evaluates the specifics of each development opportunity and identifies the best source of capital to meet the project’s needs.

Streamlined process

NTCIC works as the investor’s liaison in each transaction, so developers will deal directly with our expert team and not have to navigate the nuances of corporate processes or bureaucracy.

No surprises

NTCIC provides detailed term sheets and letter of intent documents, outlining key terms and underwriting standards early in the process, eliminating the potential for surprises at the closing table.

A commitment to the mission of the project

As a mission-oriented federal tax credit syndicator ourselves, we appreciate that many of our partners have community and economic development goals in addition to purely financial ones. Our developer relationships are true partnerships in saving historic buildings & revitalizing sustainable communities nationwide.

Organized and responsive communication

Our asset management team serves as a facilitator to and from the developer all the way through exit, always having the success of each deal in mind.