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Rhode Island
NT Solar financed the largest solar array in Rhode Island.
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Mike Palien


In collaboration with new partner Revity Energy and NelNet, Inc., NT Solar facilitated a $45 million solar tax credit investment through its Climate Impact & Revitalization Fund. Completed in December 2023, the installation is currently the largest solar array in Rhode Island, generating nearly 70 gigawatt hours of renewable energy each year. The Revity Energy project will provide power to corporate, municipal, university, and hospital offtakers, providing users with meaningful discounts as compared to conventional utility bills.


The 55.2-megawatt (MW) portfolio will generate an estimated 70 gigawatt-hours (GWh) over the life of the project, which:

  • Creates enough electricity to power nearly 9,500 homes annually
  • Offsets a CO2 emissions equivalent of burning nearly 55 million pounds of coal annually
  • Sequesters the same amount of carbon as over 58 thousand acres of forest


Revity Energy develops, constructs, and operates renewable energy generation facilities for the benefit of community partners. Its customer-centric approach gives it an intimate understanding of the needs of the communities where it develops projects, allowing it to offer tailored, effective energy solutions.

Revity is committed to achieving the common goal of a carbon-free environment through its expertise in renewable energy development. Committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, their projects make economic sense for communities while leaving a positive impact. To learn more, visit: