Multi-State Rooftop Residential

New York, Arizona, New Jersey & California
  • $59.9 million
  • $17.8 million
  • 8.0
  • Approximately 950 homes
  • National Bank
  • Master Tenant


  • Located in states of New York, Arizona, New Jersey and California
  • Generates clean power for approximately 950 residential offtakers with at least 20% savings against existing rates.
  • The rooftop fixed-tilt portfolio generates electricity which offsets the residential customers’s utility bill. The Project Company owns the installation and receives a regular lease payment from the customers.
  • Lease agreements are for 20 years. Customers must have FICO scores of at least 700 and the installation must be on the customer’s primary residence.
  • Experienced developer utilizes its own EPC subsidiary. Independent Engineer, Appraiser, Accountant, and Counsel are industry respected, experienced providers.
  • The project achieves site control by including easement rights for the solar installation in the lease agreement.


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