Massachusetts Groundmount – Housing & Medical Offtakers

Western and Central Massachusetts
  • $29.2 million
  • $8.7 million
  • 12.6
  • 6
  • Regional Bank
  • Partnership Flip


  • Generates clean power for a variety of offtakers including four 4 MA public housing authorities, a health care provider, and two private housing developers with a focus on senior communities. The 20 year Net Metering Credit Agreements signed by each offtaker result in at least 30% savings against existing rates.
  • The ground mount fixed-tilt portfolio utilizes virtual net metering to deliver electricity credits from remote locations to contacted offtakers. The portfolio leverages the SREC I program and is expected to qualify as CRA for the Investor.
  • Each of the offtakers has strong financials, and the state of MA further back-stops utility payments for public Housing Authorities.
  • Experienced developer and well-capitalized EPC contractor, Independent Engineer, Appraiser, Accountant, and Counsel are industry respected, experienced providers.
  • Site control through long-term leases on various rural and suburban locations in Massachusetts.


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