Jayson Newfield

Bridgeport, CT
The adaptive reuse of the Jayson and Newfield buildings into the Jayson Newfield project, a mixed-income mixed-use complex consisting of 104 apartments (37 of which are affordable) and 8,000 square feet of retail space.
  • $27.7 million
  • $4.6 Federal HTC Equity
  • Block 912 MM, LLC
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The Jayson Newfield project consists of the adaptive reuse of two century-old buildings. The Jayson Building is mostly wood-framed and was originally constructed in 1893. It was built for a local small business owner. In the 1920s, the space was used as an automobile showroom and then garage, converted to office space for the IRS and Social Security Administration in the 1950s.

The Newfield Building is a five-story, steel-frame and masonry building. The southern third of the building was erected in 1871 for Elisha Hubell, a prominent local resident. The building was known as the “Germania Hotel.” In 1907-08, a local real estate developer constructed the remaining portion of the building which then served as the Mohegan Market, a popular food market. From 1938, the upper stories of the building served as office space and the ground floor as retail. The Newfield Building is a well-preserved example of a 19th and 20th century transitional Italianate/Queen Anne-style large-scale commercial building in downtown Bridgeport’s central business district.


Upon completion, the Jayson Newfield buildings will be connected internally and function as one mixed-income mixed-use complex and will anchor a redevelopment plan for the entire city block, known as Block 912. The block will be introducing residential space above the ground level to the neighborhood. The redeveloped Jayson-Newfield will provide 104 apartments with 37 of the units offered at a range of affordable rates. On the ground level, 8,000 square feet of retail space will be available to tenants in the restaurant or health and wellness industries.