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House and Senate Pass Final Tax Reform Bill, 20% HTC will be Retained

Written By: NTCIC

The House and Senate have now passed comprehensive tax reform for the first time in over thirty years.

Congress has once again concluded that it is critically important to protect our nation’s historic buildings.

The Historic Tax Credit, made permanent in the tax code in 1986, will remain in the revamped tax code with some modifications. Most notably, after implementation of a transition period, the credit will now be claimed over a 5-year period.

We are grateful to supporters of the Historic Tax Credit in the House and Senate for their steadfast commitment to historic preservation, community development, economic growth, and job creation.

We will continue to work with Senator Cassidy, Congressman McKinley and other champions of the HTC in Congress, to ensure that the policies enacted in this legislation will lead to the successful preservation of our historic structures as Congress intended.

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