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Black Lives Matter: A Message from NTCIC President Merrill Hoopengardner

Written By: NTCIC

We believe unequivocally that Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with those who march and who protest for racial justice.

We assert that we can and should do more for racial justice. NTCIC works at the intersection of historic preservation, sustainability, and community development, revitalizing America’s historic assets and enabling the production of renewable energy. We work primarily in low-income communities, many of which are communities of color.

We acknowledge that there are vast and systemic disparities in health, wealth, and safety outcomes in the communities in which we invest. Our mission and values demand that we do what is in our power to address these.

We affirm the visions expressed by our colleagues at the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Main Street America for shared prosperity and a commitment to doing all that we can to create constructive spaces where justice and peace can flourish.

We commit to listening harder and longer; to doing the internal work, not just the external; to engaging not by accident, but by design; and to using our privilege and expertise to support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) beyond this one moment.

We recognize that we cannot do this work alone. We raise capital from third parties and invest with many sponsors in projects large and small, in communities rural and urban. We engage in legislative efforts with advocates and public policymakers across the country.

We will press our many partners to join us in raising the bar for ourselves and for the programs we shape.

We will reconsider how we develop our own talent, identify eligible investments, frame our origination opportunities, and implement our underwriting criteria.

We will ensure that our investments engage, support, and uplift local BIPOC communities, businesses, and issues.

While we work to invest in a more just future, we encourage you to support organizations making a difference today, those working more broadly across many communities such as Black Lives Matter and those working in specific ones like the sponsor of one of our recent investments, CARITAS.

Merrill Hoopengardner | President