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NTCIC Welcomes 2022 Tony Goldman & Open Access Fellow Chris Bowers

Written By: NTCIC

NTCIC is excited to welcome Chris Bowers as the 2022 participant of the Tony Goldman Internship for Diversity in Preservation & Community Development.

“We are delighted to have Chris join NTCIC and share his wealth of experience in community impact analysis and engagement, and help further develop his finance knowledge with our team,” said NTCIC President Merrill Hoopengardner.

“I think this is a great opportunity for someone like myself,” said Chris about the Open Access opportunity. “I grew up in a low-income community of Houston and spent most of my hours in school and work. I want to move into this industry and become an expert in this field, to help preserve and revitalize the Black and Brown communities I know and love.”

Chris is currently a Program Associate with the Greenlight Fund, providing research of social issues and priorities facing low-income and underserved children, youth, and families. He will be sharing his breadth of community development knowledge with NTCIC’s Marketing and Public Policy team while learning about the underwriting and tax credit transaction process.

This is the second year NTCIC partnered with the Open Access Initiative of Project REAP (Real Estate Associate Program) to identify talented professionals from underrepresented groups building careers in community development finance.

About the Tony Goldman Internship

In partnership with its affiliate NTCIC, the National Trust for Historic Preservation founded the Tony Goldman Internship program in 2018. Tony Goldman, a recipient of the distinguished Crowninshield Award, was a foundational board member of NTCIC and is known for creating a legacy of diversity and inclusion.

The Tony Goldman Diversity Internship was created to honor his work in cultivating diversity in historic preservation, real estate finance, and community development. Goldman Properties principal and chairman Janet Goldman participated in the final selection of the Tony Goldman Intern.

About the Open Access Fellowshipt

Open Access is a newly organized group of executive-level individuals led by co-founders Gina Nisbeth, a director at Citi, and Jeff Monge, managing partner of Monge Capital with a goal to correct the imbalance so that BIPOC professionals will be significantly involved in and, increasingly, lead the efforts of community development finance to improve the health, education, and access to a wealth of economically disadvantaged populations. The program is presented in collaboration with Project REAP (Real Estate Associate Program), the nation’s most successful diversity initiative connecting professionals to commercial real estate (CRE) for over two decades.