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2020: A Year in Review

Written By: NTCIC

As we reflect on this past year, NTCIC expresses our deep appreciation to our industry partners, colleagues, and the many community members that enable so many incredible initiatives across the country despite the challenges of these times. This past year, we supported 14 incredible New Markets, Historic, and Solar Tax Credit initiatives across the country, supporting $756 million in development costs.

Together, our 2020 investments will support quality jobs in construction, education, healthcare, the arts, healthy foods, and more. With the launch of the Climate Impact and Revitalization Fund, NT Solar has expanded its national reach.

This year, NT Solar invested in 21 installations across ten states. In 2020, NTCIC celebrated our 200th project since inception, as well as our largest Historic Tax Credit investment in company history.

The 14 investments made in 2020 will provide critical education, medical and social services, and support numerous small businesses.