Meet Your Teammates

Get to know the new faces around NTCIC!

Associate Asset Manager
  • How did you get started in the tax credit investment/syndication industry?
    • NTCIC is my first official role in this industry, though I was initially introduced to the tax credit world through NMTC and ITC derivatives deals.
  • How did you enter or first become interested in historic preservation or community development?
    • I have always been drawn to work that allows me to leave a positive impact on people. Growing up in Chicago, I also saw firsthand the need for both preservation and financial support in our communities. It was a very unique intersection of worlds to see that historic preservation can provide such a boost to low income communities and raise the quality of living in so many ways.
  • What interested you in working with NTCIC?
    • I am passionate about real estate and development and couldn’t believe the amazing impact working with NTCIC would allow me to make while also pursuing those fields.
  • What’s your perfect vacation?
    • Anything that involves spending time in nature!
  • What is a fun fact we wouldn’t know about you?
    • I'm a twin!
  • What movie, book, or show are you loving right now?
    • I just finished Tuesdays With Morrie – it was a lovely book full of meaningful lessons.
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
    • A veterinarian
  • What is your go-to productivity trick?
    • Setting constant reminders in my calendar – no task is too small!

Asset Manager
  • Where were you born/where are you from?
    • I was born in Grand Island, NE and grew up in a small town, Palmer, NE, just north of Grand Island. Palmer is right around 500 people, and I had 24 people in my graduating class.
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
    • When I was younger, I wanted to be either a hairdresser or fashion designer. Both very creative paths for someone who ended up majoring in Accounting and Finance. I actually did not take an accounting or finance class until college! I went into college as a biology major…
  • How did you enter or first become interested in historic preservation and/or community development?
    • My time at Lincoln Savings Bank is how I entered the historic preservation side of real estate helping with bridge loans. However, I’ve been around historic preservation since I was a child. My grandpa renovated a historic building in my hometown of Palmer. The brick building was originally built in the early 1900s as an implement, and he was able to open his Pioneer and Kent Feeds dealership in the space. The business, although no longer in the family, is still there today.
  • What do you find most interesting or important about tax credits?
    • My favorite part of tax credits, specifically historic tax credits, is learning the history behind the building and how it had served the community in the past.
  • What is one professional skill you're currently working on?
    • This is my first fully remote job, so the professional skill I am working on now is how to adapt to working remotely each day. Before I started, I made a morning routine to follow and set up my dedicated office space. So far, so good working from home!
  • What is your go-to productivity trick?
    • I love to use the Notion app to create specific projects and checklists. Makes it easier for me to be all in one place instead of flipping through notebooks.
  • What's your perfect vacation?
    • My perfect vacation is one with a variety of activities. I love to visit new cities, and go to concerts, museums, visit great restaurants and breweries, go on hikes, and whatever each city has for a main attraction. I love to be on the move for vacations, and seeing the different site and sounds of a place.
  • What's a fun fact we wouldn't know about you?
    • I am named after the Rod Stewart song “Maggie May”. My mom has been a HUGE Rod fan for years, and a couple of years ago, my mom and I got to attend a Rod Stewart concert together!