National Trust Solar Platform

NTCIC's National Trust Solar Platform is an investment option that offers an acceptable financial return and provides tangible social and/or environmental benefits to underserved low-income and/or rural communities. This is an acknowledged investment by the California Organized Investment Network.


The National Trust Solar platform assists insurance companies in identifying, analyzing and managing investments in qualified solar installations. The investments would be structured as equity contributions with allocated tax credits. The National Trust Solar platform will provide the following services: identify quality projects available for investment; assist in communicating deal terms with Sponsors; conduct credit and technical diligence; manage the closing process and report on operating assets through investor exit.
Solar installations receive federal tax credits (direct 1-to-1 off-set) based on 30% of eligible project costs. The installations also qualify for accelerated depreciation, further enhancing tax efficiency. In addition to tax benefits, solar deals produce steady revenue streams through the sale of power. A tax credit equity investor may displace taxes owed with an investment in the installation, and share in the profits/losses of the underlying asset.


$15MM in a single-investor Fund


The tax credit equity investments are a portion (~40%) of the capital stack necessary to complete the project finance and put the systems into operation. The Sponsor or developer is responsible for the remainder of the necessary capital.


Solar projects are available nationwide, which includes a robust market in California. The projects represented for the National Trust Solar platform will be at least 50% in California.


Solar installations may provide power at a savings to retail utility rates. The savings are then available for the benefit of the off-takers, including low-income housing and municipal services. Solar installations are “green” investments that achieve emissions reductions over fossil-fueled utilities, create local jobs in construction and maintenance, and contribute to grid reliability.

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